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BombBomb - Greatest asset is You!

To be successful, you need to truly connect with your prospects and clients. But in today’s inbox, basic email just doesn’t cut it. Personal videos puts you back into your sales process, and gets you face to face with the people who matter most!

Email Templates

Within your platform you’ll have default templates or custom designed to fit your brand, including links to important pages on your site. Custom templats take about two weeks to complete with any revisions.

Put the “YOU” back into your messages.

Want an easy way to add videos to your emails, text messages, and social media?

Build trust faster, convert more leads, and generate more referrals by delivering more of your messages “in person.” No matter the channel of your digital communication, a simple video makes it more human, more clear, and more effective. Video Email helps you truly connect when more common and faceless typed-out text gets ignored.