The Importance of Industrial Branding Through Social Media

Industrial branding through social media is becoming increasingly popular as the industrial market has noticed its success rate. In a recent study by Employer Branding International, 76% of companies use social media to communicate their employer brand. When you have a niche such as selling Plastics, specific chemicals, or industrial designs to businesses, you are building B2B relationships for networking and potential sales. In the old days, a sales person would have to travel to different businesses, setting up appointment, and conducting a meeting over lunch or dinner to build your brand name and reputation. Now, social media is helping businesses build their identity and reputation.

Businesses in the industrial industry have products and/or services with a heavy emphasis on quality and perception because there is little to no room for error.  Businesses have a budget and the best way to prove skills and qualities is by using social media. In addition to industrial branding some things to consider when using social media are:

  • Finding the right social media sites for your niche
  • Building large orders with long-term relationships
  • Consistency with brand identity
  • The value of a brand people can trust

There are several social networks used for industrial branding such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. When using social media effectively, you begin to notice individuals and businesses that are in need of your products or services. Once you build relationships with people, you are able to distinguish what businesses are buying, and what businesses you should engage with as potential customers.

Whether a business is already established, or just starting up, being consistent with your brand identity helps current and potential buyers know who you are, what you’re about, how competitive your prices are, and how others perceive you. Businesses like IBM, Walt Disney, and Coca Cola – all of which are on multiple social media platforms, have a brand identity that has stayed the same for years resulting in customer loyalty and steady sales. When stakeholders are aware of how brand identity affects sales, it helps make decisions on whether or not to invest.

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