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Setup Fees (Can be cancelled anytime)

Onboarding $1,500 We load your campaigns, promotional assets, social media, set commissions and invite appropriate affiliates to view.

Monthly self-managed $250 One month support for setup and maintenance training. Invite relevant technical affiliates to your campaigns to promote your products and services.

Monthly fully managed $750 We manage everything on back-end and adding and inviting affiliates to your campaigns. Commissions Any amount of campaign commission fee can be set up; PPC, impressions, product sales etc. and can be turned off based on budget.

Who are our affiliates?

Affiliates are typically industrial media outlets who have large technical customer databases and social media followers. Only those affiliates who are invited to view your campaigns can push out to their audiences. This is important especially for publisher revenue or PPC type campaigns.

How does it work?

Once you've registered, we work behind the scenes to set up your account and load your promotional and educational content which is visible only to invited affiliates. This platform is extremely robust so all activity is tracked in each supplier, affiliate and network owner's dashboards.

  1. Sign up!
  2. We go through onboarding process
  3. We load promotional assets
  4. Invite publishers to view your campaigns
  5. They push out to their Social Media followers or load on their website
  6. Everything is tracked
  7. We invoice each month for subscription and commissions earned by each publisher affiliates which we pay or apply as credit. /li>

That's it! Our media affiliates sends traffic to your site or landing pages and we track and pay each media affiliate

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