NEW! OnTarget Connect (OTC) lets our customers team up with synergistic (non-competitive) and trusted industry suppliers so they can retarget each other’s visitors and acquire customers more effectively. Visitors to your own web site have high intent to try your service, that’s why retargeting works so well. Meanwhile, visitors to other web sites in your space also have high intent to try their services. So what if you could team up with some of those marketers to retarget each other’s visitors?

Your ads would reach new users with high intent.

Team up with marketers you know to retarget each other’s visitors and acquire new customers at industry low rates.

Why it’s awesome!

  • Reach new customers, not the same ones over and over again
  • Reach new, highly-interested prospects with your message for 80% less than Adwords.
Add your profile

Every advertiser has an internal profile we make sure yours is filled out.

Add your partners

You already have marketing partnerships. Invite the marketers you know and work with to connect on Perfect Target.

Retarget each other's visitors

We create retargeting campaigns targeting visitors to the websites of your connected partners.


Uncover new marketing channels
See where your ads perform best, and where your visitors hang out online. We provide transparency on where your ad is served and where they are converting. Get smarter about your marketing.


  • Web Retargeting
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Shopify Retargeting
  • Dynamic Retargeting
  • Cross Device Retargeting

Reach beyond Google
OnTarget is a world-class real-time bidding platform that serves your ads across Google, OpenX, Rubicon, and every other top network. We ensure that your retargeting campaigns are on the best and most transparent networks.

More Channels:

  • Mobile Retargeting
  • Twitter Retargeting
  • Hubspot Retargeting
  • OnTarget Connect


Track campaign performance in real time, filter results by various metrics.