Industrial Inbound Marketing Strategy: Proving Your Worth


businessman thinkingWorking on an industrial inbound media marketing strategy needs some strong consideration for your industrial business in 2016 if you want to stand out from your increasing competition. One thing you’ve likely noticed recently is the industrial industry is now as competitive as every other category of business. With the online world helping get businesses out to the masses, you’re no doubt facing more industrial competition than you ever thought would happen.

Having this kind of heightened competition requires better focus on capturing new customers who will stay loyal to you for years. With inbound marketing being one of the magic ingredients in marketing, you can finally reach the customers you need through a more targeted approach.

If inbound marketing is still a mystery to you in its definition, it basically translates as marketing attracting customers to you rather than you seeking them. This means creating media content you know they’ll respond to.

Yet, how do you know what your customers would go for in content? Using a targeted inbound marketing strategy, you’ll already know the pain points of your customers. Plus, you’ll find ways to prove your worth so you don’t just blend in with everybody else in the industrial field.

Creating Personas

All experts contend creating customer personas is a top goal in inbound marketing. The reason is it helps you find out exactly what your customers want in the industrial products you produce. It’s similar to creating fictional characters, except you’re using existing information on current customers in your database.

Using personas, you also find out what their business problems are so you can fine-tune your marketing content to address those issues.

Creating Content That Focuses on Solving Problems

Whether it’s writing blogs, or making demonstration videos, creating media in your inbound marketing campaign helps you prove why your industrial products rival ones made by competitors. Even if you initially think there isn’t a difference in your products, there probably is if you scope out a problem they can fix.

Writing blogs addressing individual problems your products can solve is ideal. However, succinct videos showing exactly how you solve those problems is even better in the visual culture we live in.

Don’t forget using video testimonials from prior buyers as well to show you successfully solved their problems many times over. Even more so, provide separate downloads for free e-books or whitepapers providing product specs your buyers want to know.

If you had to whittle down the entire winning formula in B2B industrial inbound marketing, it’s integrating educative information with proof of your worth.

Using the above as an outline for your inbound marketing strategy will definitely get you on the right path to attracting customers loyal to you for life.

Visit us here at MediaWorks so we can help you develop a successful inbound marketing campaign for your industrial business. We’ll show how inbound is the best way after years of outbound getting most of the emphasis.


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