Why Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate program is an essential marketing tool for every online business.
It is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to achieve higher targeted traffic, and increase sales.

Your affiliate program = More Traffic, More Sales and Greater Search Engine Optimization.

Affiliate marketing is an essential and fair sales tool, because you pay per performance instead of paying for advertising (which doesn’t guarantee any sales). In affiliate marketing, merchants pay commissions only when the promotion results in an actual sale.

Advertising Without An Affiliate Program

Advertising With An Affiliate Program

More Traffic, More Sales

When your affiliates promote your site, your traffic will increase and more visitors interested in your products will click through to your website. Increased traffic from multiple sources generates higher SEO. Higher SEO equates to increased sales opportunities.

Increased Search Engine Optimization

By building your network of affiliates, more affiliates will place your web site links on their web pages, resulting in an increased number of links pointing to your web site, which will improve your SEO. Incoming links are one of the most important factors in achieving higher search engine rankings.

Our unique DirectLink technology provides the best possible linking methods and allows the affiliate link to direct traffic to your site without any additional parameters in the URL.

Boost your Online Presence

With MediaWorks Affiliate Platform, your products and services will be displayed, advertised, and reviewed on hundreds of your affiliates’ pages. This will positively impact your online presence.