About Us

Who we are:
Greg-croppedMediaWorks was founded in 1998 by Greg Kull after ten years representing trade journals for the automotive, manufacturing and design engineering space. After helping advertisers reach their marketing objectives, Greg recognized a broader need for technical marketing resources industry experts, vendors and end customers themselves could trust. Resources that best supported non-technical marketing teams; engage the “right” customers, via the “right” channels, most cost-effectively, for highest ROI.

Twenty years on, MediaWorks continues to support some of industries most respected global manufacturers of ICs, power supplies, sensors, Microwave/RF,  electronic and mechanical components, industrial automation, motion control technologies and more.

Closing the marketing loop:
A lot has changed in twenty years and MediaWorks is proud to say it has not only kept up with marketing trends but has blended custom and out of the box technologies to achieve the most affordable top-of-funnel lead-gen to final customer conversion process calculating sales and revenues down to the individual rep or distributor level. This illusive “closed-loop” system can be either self-managed or fully managed from our end. This should be step #1 before any outbound marketing efforts are implemented.

Marketing Solutions:
Our mix of marketing solutions include; consulting, media buying and management, engineering connect (retargeting), affiliate engineering network, marketing automation with exclusive rep dashboards, social media, public relations and recently added an engineering website called Design Engineering World to serve our own growing engineering database.

Thank you!
We are grateful for the continued trust our clients placed in us, year after year.  We continue to evolve with them as a business and enjoy helping them to keep pace with the ever-changing market needs.