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B2B Industrial Marketing

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Our proven strategies reach and convert technical buyers within industrial and healthcare industries

Industrial Marketing Network

Digital marketing is evolving at lightening speed, and you need cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead of your competitors. The most economical solution and lowest risk is to plug into a network of certified industrial marketing solution partners. Your project manager will coordinate the right professional(s) for your project, campaign or longer-term engagement. A basic network fee per month entitles you to significant savings on services rendered, from 20 – 40% what you would typically pay. Far exceeding the network fee.

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Join MediaWorks to benefit from a multi-national marketing network that helps you realize your full growth potential. Here, industrial clients leverage the expertise of hundreds of vetted marketing professionals – all for less than an individual hire. Finally, you get the cutting-edge marketing resources you need, to experience the success you deserve.

When you join our network, what’s ours becomes yours. That includes our world-class marketing partners. We’ve worked hard to find and establish these industry-partnerships. Some of them have taken years to develop. Now, they can begin paying dividends for you immediately.

Due to the buying power of the MW eMarketplace, the pricing of our vendors in network is a key area of immediate value for our clients. We’re able to guarantee a high amount of usage to certain partners so they provide a network-only price. That’s why industrial clients around the globe are turning to the MW eMarketplace for result-driven service that helps you quickly meet your goals.

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Our team offers Solutions for multiple scopes of marketing projects

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We have a pool of diverse experts for one-off tasks

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Have a go-to team with specialized

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Expand your staff with a dedicated team

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